About Zwinger Von HartzLieb Trained German Shepherds

Little JoeLynda, Scott and Junior have built Zwinger Von HartzLieb on the philosophy that a well bred German Shepherd Dog from Germany is the most versatile and most enjoyable dogs to own and work with.

“We do it the German Way.”

Lynda Knowlton:

has been a great professional educator in the public school systems for twenty- five (25) years. Lynda has worked with dogs for over forty-one (41) years she has always had a deep love for animals, especially dogs. While serving as an officer in the U.S. Army, (she is also a war veteran of Desert Storm) part of her duty was training military police working dogs and handlers. That is where she fell in love with the GSD. She is often quoted saying, “Once you have a GSD for a partner there is no other substitute.” In the private sector, she has twenty-five (25) years as a professional dog trainer.. She taught and worked a canine in Search and Rescue and was part of the York County SAR team. Word of her ability to “speak dog” and her way of working with “difficult” dogs spread, and for over 20 years has done private behavioral consultations for dogs and their owners assisting them with “difficult” behavior. Her specialty is working with the GSD as she has an affinity and connection with that breed. She has now added training service dogs to her long list of dog training. She has trained and placed service dogs for PTSD veterans, disabled people, and stress/anxiety dogs for schools and businesses. The GSD is the perfect breed for doing all of this kind of work which suits Lynda perfectly.

Scott McElravy:

has owned and enjoyed working with GSD since childhood. Not being satisfied with several dog training classes he attended, he spent considerable time studying how to train dogs and working with his own dogs. Lynda and he joined forces in 2009 and he readily admits that working with her has vastly broadened and increased his all around dog knowledge, and training methodology. In 2009 he became interested in starting a business that would revolve around his love of the GSD breed and the quality that the West German line, specifically the Zweiger von Himmel lines.

Junior (aka Matt Black):

is an extremely important part of our kennel. He also has a great love of dogs and has been involved with our kennel for over six years. He started out doing kennel work, such as cleaning, watering, feeding, and exercising dogs. This kind of dedication is necessary if anyone ever wants to work with dogs. It takes a special kind of person that has an extreme love of dogs, and is not afraid of hard work to stay the course in order to be able to be part of a breeding kennel. Junior is now the management of the kennel operations. JR watches over and cares for all of the puppies. Junior is extremely interested in and loves the fact that our business is going to be German shepherds from West Germany as really is getting into working the GSDs in bite work, scent work, and Search and Rescue. He even doesn’t hate the obedience work anymore.

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